Ishani Pandey


Google Play - Pop Up Store

 The brand "Google"  is very well known to all of us and is synonymous with the search engine we use everyday but what we are not familiar with is the capabilities of its innovative designs and products with Artificial Intelligence and its smart voice assistant technology. It is one of the most empathetic and trusted brands which has gained a love mark worldwide. Pop-up stores create excitement, showcase exclusivity, yield valuable customer insights and build trust. The pop-up model is flexible and for my store, these were the aims, challenges and goals which I designed with this semester. 
Brand Image Aim - Aim of the pop up store is to create an opportunity for the visitors to indulge into an interaction with Google's Artificial Intelligence Technology. Pop up allows the user to have a more original experience of the brand. 
Design Challenges - To be able to create an experience which makes them feel that google products are their trustworthy friends and helpful aliases.
Design Goals - The intention is to design an experience which allows the user of space to discover, interconnect and learn about artificial intelligence and Google.

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Report Content

Brand Research - (I)

Brand Research - (II)

Store Format, Location and Strategy

Pop-Up Store Plans

Form and Materials

Isometric drawing explaining the Programmatic Interventions

Diagrammatic Representation of Programmatic Interventions

Views of the Store

Views of the Store

Views of the Store