Sakshi Agarwal


Last Forest Experience Store

Last Forest is a social enterprise pioneering sustainable living choices by connecting communities and markets. It is a cause-based brand helping elevate the living standards of tribal communities of Kotagiri, Tamil Nadu, and helping save the ecosystem as well. The brand makes bee-related things with a wide variety of organic and naturally infused honey as its flagship product. Apart from this, it serves various beeswax cosmetics, gourmet products, apparel, and homeware accessories produced by tribals. The design goal was to introduce a small enterprise to a large market. In doing that, I designed an experiential retail store on a busy street in Bangalore. The store has an in-store cafe that serves dishes made out of the brand's own products, helping promote the products and also communicate the authenticity of the brand's cause. The store is an amalgamation of experience and merchandise.

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Brand Research and Analysis

Site Selection and Program Development

Proposed Floor Plan

Design Strategies : Zoning and Circulation

Design Details

Storefront and Section