Pooja Amit Shah


Apni Pathshala

“Apni Pathshala” is for the labourer’s children, who are the future of the labourer. The better the basic education of the children, the better will be their career and lifestyle. They do not live a life of a required standard, so a change in their children’s basic education can improve their style of living incorporating basic knowledge of hygiene, languages and other subjects; which they can’t afford to study in a school of city. Although, when I talked to a women labourer, I came to know that, they have an opportunity to study in a school in their native places but they do not get that privilege when they have to be on site with their parents as they need their care too. This project is for two years only, during the extension of the Surat International Airport, which can be shifted to other site due to the temporariness of containers and cheaper as well as easy availability of material like bamboo is mainly proposed to be used for the project. Also, a model for the construction site as this will always help the labourers grow in their living and economic standards. The Airport Authority can provide their CSR fund for the NGOs like Art of living or other willing ones, provide the privilege of teachers required and the management required to run the project like a school for these children.

Report Content

Introduction to site and the community

About the community

Major observations of the community and Project Proposal

Programme Breakup

Site Plan and Exterior 3D views

Floor Plans, overall site moodboard and elevations

Site sections

Site section, moodboards and 3D views related to it

3D views, moodboards related to it, major furniture elements and material palette

DropBox : within the social context- overall image of the project with overall context and learning from the studio

Project Video