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H R Sunya


LIIHI (THE FOOTPRINT) : Rerouting Potential

(The term ‘Liihi’ means ‘Footprint’ in the Apatani dialect)
 Liihi is a place where the user can learn about the indigenous techniques, participate, explore and contribute to revive the traditional crafts of the community. The knowledge of which is accessed limitedly only by the older generation and unknown to the younger generation. 
A platform for the curious minds to create something new and beyond what exists already, it strives to open doors of opportunity for more interaction and bridging the gap between the younger and the older generation to understand each other and the traditional culture of the community better. 
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Report Content

The Site and its Context

Abstract, collage and flashcards about the community

Poster and Brochure

Occupancy matrix and Proposed site Analyis

Proposed Site Plan, circulation and Floor plans of Exhibition block

Workshop Block Floor Plans and Design inspiration

Site Sections

Visualization of the spaces

DROPBOX within the Social Context

Project Video