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Moo's Box - take a trip to moo's town !

Just off a busy main road in Ahmedabad, an easily missable by lane serves as a gateway to a different world. As one enters, the surrounding residential towers disappear replaced by cramped one-story homes that line the passage on either side. People drinking chai in their rakabi's, cows and goats roaming around, dot the alley. Here, amid the clamor and broken tile houses, live a hefty population of rabaries who live here with their cattle mainly cows and goats who are as much as the part of the community as the people. This settlement is very different from other settlements as here the children regularly go to school, and all men and women have jobs. However, these rabari men and women are into jobs that satisfies their stomach not their souls. They were raised and skilled as cattle breeders and farmers but due to lack of infrastructure and capital they rendered themselves completely off the truth. In reaction to that, Moo’s Box is a place which will enable and cater to the dreams of rabaries and will help them grow through a small scale dairy business. Its my humble attempt to collectively revive the passions of all these rabaries and now, with Moo’s box, a small sprawling, is open to the world. 
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