Trusha Harishbhai Shah


NIRMALYA - Made From Temple Flowers

Dropbox is a container that is placed within community settlement to address their needs, stimulate the cultural and identity of itsinhabitants.The project revolves around the context of Asarwa, Ahmedabad. These chawls of Asarwa were established under the necessity for accomodating increasing demand of the migrated skilled labours for textile mill. Due to heavy migration in the chawls towards the development of mills , has led to settlement pattern in very dense unorganized manner and with the closing of mills and lack of work the people of chawls lost their voice and were neglected by the city in the terms of Equity and Infrastructure. NIRMALYA- Made From Temple Flowers is a approach to sustainibilty people like you and me finding solutions to some of the most pressing problems in India. Nirmalaya provides a platform to the women to explore their creative abilities and release their energy in a safe environment.The project is dedicated to the community and for their better source of income and providing them oppurtunities.This organization will help women to get currently employed and get oppurtunities to make handcrafted fragrance Agarbatis( Incense Stick) and natural dye scaff. Nirmalaya is an organization which is upcycling flowers in Ahmedabad from temples.

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Introduction to the Site and the Community

Community Analysis

Proposal and Program Development

Program Development and Occupancy Matrix

Site Selection and Site Plan


Sectional Elevations

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3D Views

Dropbox - Within A Social Context

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