Geeta Dixit


RESPITE “ A Chance to Recharge”

The project is a multifunctional recreational intervention for women within Muslim community along with Chandola Lake in Millatagar Ahmedabad which includes community house women’s club, informal fashion library, self-development seminar space, Space for chai times, pantry, Beauty Salon, Gathering space for baby’s and mom, Movie screening area, Space for Yoga and Meditation, space for extracurricular activates like dance & play area for kids. It is a project with a shipping container with changing space. It is a box which unboxes into different activates at different times of the day which is maintained by two caretakers from the community. The Aim & objective to increase the opportunities for interaction into Women’s & to care about meaningful friendships gather to inspire, learn from and meet each other & also fellowship, programs and activities for the members.  

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City & The Community

Community Study

Introduction of proposal

Program Development


Sectional Elevation

Sectional Elevation & Furniture Details

Views & Mood Board

Views & Mood Board

Dropbox within the social context

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