Faculty: Mihir Baxi | Isha Talsania

TA: Rajvi Amrelia

Fly into the future

Airports in India are growing fast and the existing facilities need to be upgraded to not only meet the increased demand but a change in technology, new retail concepts and trends in social distancing emerging from our recent experiences. The concepts of work and play, demographics of travellers, spending capacities, thresholds of expected comfort level are all changing which will define the future of retail spaces in an airport terminal.

The studio brief was to re-imagine the duty free and retail area inside the terminal up to boarding gates. This included retail shops, food and beverage sections, lounges, public services and waiting areas as well as other requirements within the operational airport terminal.

The project was set up in the near future to meet the needs of the ‘’passenger of the future’ who is surrounded by digital technology and navigating in a post-pandemic world. The studio functioned like an office -with regular interactions with clients and industry experts. Students were expected to make informed decisions as they would do if they were professionally employed to deliver the design of the chosen airport terminal.

Week 1 - 3 : Understanding the workings of an airport

Week 4 - 6 : Position taking and conceptualization

Week 7 - 10 : Design Development

Week 11 - 13 : Design Articulation

Week 14 - 16 : Representation