Faculty: Anand Belhe | Kaulav Bhagat

TA: Arkid Bhandari

Furniture for Outdoor Spaces: Residential Complexes

This studio covered the issues related to designing of outdoor furniture through problem solving method. The studio attempted to infuse material and manufacturing centered approach to design. Public spaces require very specific type of furniture, which caters to the various needs of larger user groups. It also provides opportunities for the user to interact at various degrees and level in social environment. Furniture in public or outdoor spaces enhances community activities and becomes support infrastructure to perform daily task. Such furniture provides comfort to the users in open and semi-open spaces, covered and semi-covered spaces or public and semi-public spaces.

The furniture defines the nature of outdoor spaces through its organization, placement and location, and the characteristics of furniture affect the behavior of the users or observers. These characteristics are manifested through material usage, manufacturing processes, structural principles, form attributes, finishes etc. In this studio ,students focused on how to think of creative ideas which align materials and processes to create visually and technically innovative solutions.

Studio Brief

Exercise 1 and 2

Student work

Student work

Student work