Faculty: Anand Patel

TA: Anshula Prehar

Imaginary Homelands: Design and human relationship in the built environment

The spatial relationships that we today take for granted need to be updated and a paradigm shift in how design will deliver this condition is urgently called for. This studio inquired into and produced design strategies to deal with this ‘new condition’ for human habitat. It questioned, analyzed and derived applicable solutions towards a renewed future. The pandemic served as a phenomenon to deliberate many of the relationships that we need to question and rethink about.

Taking the context of home (not only as a house but as a socio-cultural milieu and the built environment we inhabit), a territory that we are all very familiar with and are very concerned for, we explored and identified areas in which design intervention is critically needed and developed applicable solutions to better the habitat through a sincere understanding of the relationships for the design to challenge and alter. For instance, how will we work, study, travel, gather, play, exchange, love, care, everything that until now was simply a status quo. What shall we keep and what shall we change for the good? Visited the airport or hospital lately? Here is a fantastic opportunity to test our designs!

shailie : observational sketches of the home during the pandemic

isha : improving the public private interface at Bhadra Plaza through detailed improvement of the facades

jahnvi : narrative sketches of home during the lockdown 2020

khevna : portability as a design objective to facilitate functional changes in domestic use of spaces through light, movable and industrial furniture.

jasoda : a character collage of the town of Malegaon in north western Maharashtra.