Faculty: Vishal Wadhwani | Niyati Patel

TA: Adnan Makda

Indetail – Open Makes

“Imagine if you can download, print, and assemble your own needs and necessities during the CoVid-19 lock-down period.”
Set in the CoVid-19 crisis, this unit investigated how digitally fabricated making process and modular design components can give apt solutions for offsite production processes in a controlled environment, with simple low-cost installation, creating a flexible open-ended interior layout to suffice all possible needs during the lock down period. The students developed a set of modular parts, in relation to a specific digital fabrication technology. These parts were defined as an open-ended, universal and versatile constructional component, with a digital connectivity logic. This discrete method advanced as a theoretical argument about the nature of digital fabrication process and how it could also help the end users become the makers themselves. Parametric design thinking collated the fundamental base to this digitally fabricated design, to propagate it for a definite function for a pre-defined context; allowing the final design to act as a subversive solution in the current CoVid-19 crisis.

From Idea to Making is a key theme of all Indetail studios.

Curvilinear forms and their surface developments were explored to parametrized their data for further propagation.

Making is kept in mind will exploring various Parametric Scripts for Surface Modulations.

End User has to Download the File, use digital fabrication tools to make parts and then Assemble these Open Makes Design Solutions.

User Manual was developed as a guide to Print, Cut, Assemble these Open Makes Design Solutions.