Faculty: Mona Iyer | Meera Mehta | Ashwani Kumar

TA: Smeet Maniar

Infrastructure Project Studio (WASH)

The absence of a comprehensive city wide infrastructure plan and an inadequate
understanding or attention to cross cutting issues in water and sanitation sector often
results in poor project formulation. It is possible to improve on this by developing integrated projects within the framework of comprehensive urban water and sanitation plan. This studio focuses on developing integrated infrastructure projects for stormwater, water, sanitation and solid waste management for a given city and its
immediate periphery. This year the case city was Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Infrastructure development activities for these sectors whether in public or private domain, involve plan preparation, project formulation and implementation. This requires to be supported with appropriate institutional, technical and financial analysis. The learning from this studio equips students of the wider understanding of plan formulation process; tools and techniques of project identification, costing and phasing to ensure service performance improvements and resource efficiency for aforementioned key
water-sanitation sectors.

The projects are identified with due consideration to on-going national programmes and
emerging sectoral concepts of integrated urban water management, water sensitive
urban planning and design, circular economy, fecal sludge and septage management.

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