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Livelihood Streets:

The project aims at designing streets that prioritises the right of urban poor to earn a livelihood by using public amenities, at the same time enhancing city life. Ahmedabad is witnessing street redevelopment projects on the western part of the city. These projects or a few components of the project come under the Smart Cities Mission initiative by the Central Government of India. The primary objectives of the Smart Cities Mission missed a chance to anchor development around the right of urban poor. Thus, the projects fail to ensure representation from the urban poor, and hence disregards the prevalence of caste and class in our society.  

Report Content

Understanding the issue, the larger context and defining the project objective.

Understanding through readings, what is post COVID

Mapping activities on the drive-in road as a way to understand vulnerability

Defining and mapping vulnerabilities

Developing mechanism for acquiring private land for public use.

Strategic master plan

Aiming to standardise design. Redefining existing ROW.

Detailed design plan

Visualising a regular day at Gurukul labour naaka

Visualising situation at Gurukul Labour naaka during health care emergency