Vaishnavi Akilla


The She-Sthal

In this studio we have explored the effect of pandemics, currently the COVID-19 on the vulnerable groups of people in our cities - the vendors, migrant workers and pavement dwellers. 
In the Post-COVID scenario, the current position of sanitation and public health has become one of the major issues that have been focused on. The design, She-Sthal focuses on the women and children pavement dwellers on Drive-In Road. Lack of accessible sanitation and health facilities for the dwellers force them to compromise on their health. 

Report Content

Mapping Vulnerabilities

The Site - Drive In Road

Mapping and Analysis

Masterplan - Design Recommendations

Defining Issue and details: Life of Women on Site

Objectives, Concept & Propositions

Area of intervention and Design Concept

Detailed Design Plan

Design - Section

Design Overview

Project Video