Khushali Haji



The project is named Utopia, because it is highly unlikely for this to ever manifest, given the current economic, social and political priorities of our cities. Despite this, the project finds value in looking at socio-economic vulnerabilities and groups of people usually always overlooked and considers possibilities of what could happen, if prioritized. The project explores what 'post COVID' vulnerability means to pavement dwellers, vendors, and construction laborers beyond social distancing and face masks, and finally focuses on an intervention of converting a vacant mall into a school for children from these vulnerable groups. Click here to see PDF 

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Report Content

Feeling the Diseased City: Reading Exercise

Preliminary Site Maps

Stories of User Groups

Site Reflections

Masterplan and Recommendations

Programmatic Brief

Junction Level Plan

R3 Mall: Existing and Design Aim

Proposed Plan

Views of Proposed Design