Faculty: Dipsha Shah | Dipen Mehta

TA: Riddhi Gediya

Plumbing Design Studio

availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all is one of the key goals of sustainability. Impure water leads to various water related diseases. The main aim of the plumbing design studio was to plan and design economical and sustainable plumbing services.

The studio was offered with the following teaching pedagogy: students studied the plumbing services of their own residence and prepared a report. The variety of projects such as high-rise residential buildings, bus-terminals, commercial buildings, luxurious bungalow, bungalows scheme, mall, hotel, hospital, Sports school, sports complex, resort, factory project, religious temple, hostel was assigned to the students for the designing of the plumbing services. The students designed plumbing services of an assigned project with major design constrains; minimum 40% reduction in freshwater consumption along with minor constrains such as installation of water meter, single point supply, centralized hot water and RO system, rain water harvesting, recycling and reuse of wastewater. Students prepared digital models representing plumbing services of an assigned project and working models related to plumbing system and considering the current pandemic situation.The students visited the Jaquar Orientation Centre, residential site and attended a webinar on plumbing pipe materials and fittings.

Plumbing Design Studio - Overview

Plumbing Design - Assigned Project

Digital Model, Cost Estimation

Working Model