Studio Level 2

2nd year and 3rd year undergraduate students from FT, will be registering for LEVEL 2 Studio in their respective faculties instead of independent studios. LEVEL 2 studios will have many STUDIO UNITS, each of them will hold few students. STUDIO UNIT Tutors will present their studio problem outlines to students in their program; unit tutors will have half an hour for the presentation and to field students’ questions. Based on this the students will give their top 4 priorities after that unit tutors will interview students who want to join their units and either accept or reject them; they will be expected to each finally have the minimum no of students in their units. Students will be expected to present their earlier-work portfolios to prospective tutors during their interview. The interviews will be organised as per the priorities given by the students. Please note that most of the STUDIO UNITS are likely to be offered again and students who are left out, can opt for them again in the following semesters with a prior discussion with the STUDIO UNIT Tutor. A brief outline of the STUDIO UNITS will be available on portal for registered students.