Faculty: Milind Patel

Building Anti-Building

The term ‘Anti-Building’ was coined by British architect Cedric Price. He challenged the conventional idea behind the building being nestled in permanence and specificity. The built forms are usually driven only to attain the defined programmatic outline and exclusivity attained via the architect’s vision. He believed that buildings should primarily serve people. They should be able to radically transform and be flexible to meet diverse demands of both the present and the future. His vision of 1960s, which was far too advanced for its time is responsible for many famous built forms (Pompidou center, Greenwich Dome, The shed- New York) that we all cherish and look up to. This unit offered a ground-breaking journey to look at the built form through a completely different perspective, challenging conventions, engaging in creating meaningful transformations of a built form adopting itself to address many diverse demands of its users. The shaping of the built form for the present and imagined future would ask for individual of their narrative of near or distant future through constructing of pragmatic utopias. The studio unit was a departure from Cedric Prices’ views of Anti- Building and re-interpreted the ideas behind the term.