Abhishek Thakai S


Deciphering transient expressions

Its has always been astonishing that, stories and story telling has lived through dimensions of time. This phenomenon has been a strong carrier of happenings and visualizations from one part of the world to another. One perceives the stories through literature, movies, songs, theaters etc. Its evident that stories carry a synergy that stimulates one’s temperaments. Similarly, ideas and stories have been in process amidst architecture through narrations made by the person who intends to communicate. Narratives in architecture is a tool to express and engage the user/ perceiver who interprets and abstracts. The studio deals with this method where it equipped one to interpret, abstract, analyze and understand. Thus a story line for a design is weaved through the exercises and the intent of the site that culminates with a deciphered program and design. 

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The Intent and strategy

Iteration and Plan