Nishali Ranganathan


The Static and The Dynamic

While cities are growing and developing rapidly and incessantly every day, numerous interstitial spaces get left behind in the race towards development. Despite being overlooked and abandoned in the urban fabric, these spaces do essay roles of being vital and in some instances passive contributors to everyday life. They stand as a reminder-a testimony of the societal, economic and cultural character of the past. This project attempts to reimagine one such forgotten entity in Bangalore.Although, abandoned buildings evoke remembrance, the idea and intent are to repurpose and revive the building to assert its previous role and, not to renew or reincarnate the building to its former self functionally, spatially and architecturally. In order to ‘repurpose’ the building, the idea is to create a play of spaces and functions that are derived from, and, echo the abstraction of the site. Static Spaces inspired and abstracted from the Modular will coexist with Dynamic spaces and functions inspired and abstracted from the Interstitial. To achieve this, the project uses the tools of diagramming and abstraction to form and narrate the proposed transformation of the BDA (Bangalore Development Authority) complex in the precinct of Indiranagar in Bangalore, from a disused commercial complex to a Coworking Hub.

Report Content

About the site and its abandonment

Abstraction and Diagramming of Site

Formulation of Intent

Program and Design Iterations

Design Development and masterplan

Ground and First floor plan


Axonometric View

Story board and Tracing the Narrative