Jayati Anand Kishor Misra


Value and Eclecticism

The selected site is an abandoned temple in Varanasi named Gurudham temple. It is abandoned in terms of being underused and forgotten by the city despite being located in a dense residential colony and having a unique eclectic architecture 200 years old. It is proposed as a public library cum study club in the day time and an evening school in the night time. The intervention should be such that it allows possibilities to appreciate the existing and should create interaction between the city and the site so that it is no longer forgotten.

Report Content

Encroachment and reclamation

Journey through the site

Eclecticism of elements

Eclecticism of elements

Eclecticism of scale, light and materials

Narrative arc

Plan at +- 0.0 m level

Plan at -4.2 m level


Sections and elevations