Raakesh Gandhi M P


Reimagining the Under-Utilised

The project attempts to explore the potentials of underutilised places to not just boost the quality of public life but also to create an ecological connect in dense urban fabrics. A pedestrian link connecting a few gardens and mills in Eastern Ahmedabad demonstrates ways to achieve this objective. It also showcases how this would change the way people perceive these spaces and allow them understand their true potential .

Report Content

1. Demographics - Population Density | Open space ratio Comparison

2. Mapping the existing open spaces | Public parks - Mill lands - Cemetery

3. A perspective on Underutilised spaces | Glimpse of the Spaces

4. Potential Links and networks in the east

5. A Pedestrian network | Connecting the gardens, Mills and the Cemetery

6. Existing Sections | Attempting a Network of green spaces

7. Existing Sections | Attempting a Network of green spaces

8. Proposed sections | Vision for the Spaces

9. Vision | Pedestrian Link

10. Vision | Mill Lands