Premkumar S


Unfolding the continuum - The Rodh river

Rodh river is one of the undetected and unexplored system in south west of Ahmedabad, upstream with scattered lakes connected to each other through streams to forms the main spine of the river in downstream and outfalls in the Gulf of Khambat. The system lost its ideal conditions and significance in the course of time. Project aims rethinking the edges by constructing a network will enhance the  function of the system and also connect people to the crafted spaces along the river corridor to create memories and to interpret the importance of the system.

Report Content

Encountering the system - The Rodh river

Visual recordings - Site observations

Existing attributes - Different characteristics of flood plains

Accentuating the course

Rethinking the floodplains - Prototype1

Rethinking the floodplains - Prototype2

Rethinking the floodplains - Prototype3

Rethinking the floodplains - Prototype4

Proposed sections

Crafted spaces along the river corridor