Faculty: Naandi Parikh

Beyond detail

Hospitality is changing radically in response to impacts of ambient internet access technologies. If customers’ take the trouble to visit restaurants rather than clicking on-line, they expect stimulating experiences beyond wall-to-wall product displays. They demand new engagements between food and customers. Cutting edge restaurant design is about providing these new experiences. Particular focus was given to crafting the immaculate details essential to delivering the quality of hospitality experience now required.
The studio work was done in three stages:

• Research: Following the selection and study of and existing restaurants, students developed their own unique brand, in terms of: Cuisine, Name, Logo, Menu and Inventory

• Design: The values and characteristics of this new brand were then translated into a concept design of a 275m2 commercial area to turn it into a restaurant. Where parts or corners are detailed as per their understanding.

• Detailing: Plans, sections and elevations of all parts of the design were prepared. Students worked individually on a retail project. The furniture elements of the restaurant such as chair, table, cash counter and banquette seating were detailed. The spatial elements, partitions, ceiling, etc. were also looked at.