Mahima Singh



The studio focused upon the recognization and recording the use of Non-Metals in Built Environment to categorize and construct products of non-metals inbuilt environment. The Non-Metals researched are wood, wood by-products, ceramic, glass, plastic, stones, artificial stones, textile and crystals. These materials were learnt by researching and making prototypes, 3D models, engineering drawings, PDS and PRIMA.
MATERIALS- WOOD||CERAMICS&GLASS||PLASTIC||OTHER MATERIALSMain focus-Redesign, Engineering drawings, PDS&PRIMA, SDS, Research, Designing a space

Report Content

WOOD WORKING||pivoted clock made from valsadi teak and white ash wood

WOOD WORKING||pivoted clock made from valsadi teak and white ash wood with its engineering drawing

WOOD WORKING|| Ceiling lamp with light and shadow's principle made with soft pine wood and mdf laser cut sheets

MATERIAL WOOD-Space description specification and renders of redesigned products

MATERIAL WOOD- Redesigned product with engineering drawing and its render

MATERIAL CERAMICS AND GLASS- SDS of the space and redesigned space and products with its render

MATERIAL PLASTIC- SDS of Little Shelter hotel Thailand and engineering drawing of product chose

MATERIAL PLASTIC- Engineering drawings of selected products

LAST EXERCISE- Designing a space including all the materials studied except metals||SDS of the space designed||Mood board|| products and materials selected with its attribute

LAST EXERCISE- Designed space's renders and QR code for the video of this space|| Biblography