Sakshi Sharma


Expeditions in Non metal

The studio aims at researching ,handling & studying different types of non metals such as wood , ceramics, plastic and glass. How does these non metals exist around us in interior spaces. Furthermore designing and making 1:1 products at the workshop with hand tools machinery.The different materials explored are wood,ceramics,glass,plastic and other non metals. 
The studio helped to explore , examine and identify materials around us being it a studio or a canteen. It has inbuilt-ed  a urge to identify hoe different materials come together to form our spaces further improving the skill of making right design decisions in projects.

Report Content

Introduction and materials researched and explored

Product design & 1:1 product making - WOOD

SDS and 1:1 product


Material PLASTIC & Selected product dwg

Product drawings

PDS and PRIMA of producted( for example - two products of set given)

Product drawings

Final assignment