Maitreya Pathak


Non-Metals in our everyday life

This studio made us understand the importance of Non-Metals in our everyday life and their wide array of uses. This studio went through various materials such as wood, ceramics, plastics, and Other unconventional non- metals used in a build space as building products. we had hands-on with wood and ceramic this semester and had research and detailed analysis of plastic as a material which is reflected in the portfolio.  Link to the full portfolio

Report Content

" Introductory page and studio brief "

"Wooden Box prototype design intend and documentation "

" Engineering drawings for wooden box and specification written "

"Site visit documentation to "Simpolo group" and hands on experience in CEPT workshop "

" Engineering drawings for faucet lid which mounts the faucet to any counter top and is industrially molded "

"Research for types of plastics- Thermoset (PU) and thermoplastic (celluloid)"

"Detailed research about plastic processing methods- Extrusion and injection moulding "

" Engineering drawing of Interim wall plate which accepts the white outside snap fit fascia "

" Engineering drawing for cable glands which protect cables from ingress IP-68 "

"Detailed Product Design specification for office chair and desk "