Faculty: Anand Belhe | Kaulav Bhagat

Furniture for Interior Spaces

Ongoing population growth and escalating market prices are forcing occupants to move into smaller spaces in big cities. Compact housing development is becoming the only affordable solution for masses, though the basic human needs of users like comfort and convenience, clutter free spaces, privacy, easy to maintain spaces, feeling of spaciousness are still the same. Furniture occupies more than half of the floor space and thus plays a pivotal role in organizing the space, it can bring harmony into compact spaces through smart and space saving solutions. Designers often forget the opportunities for innovation presented by unusual products such as storage and shelving. This studio aimed at solving the need for storage elements for small spaces by the design process and understanding of mass production of furniture design. The emphasis of the studio was to understand furniture elements with relation to interior spaces and the activities in it became the reference and the starting point. It challenged designers to consider completely different aspect of ergonomics and user comfort. Students used furniture design tools i.e. elements, systems, visual language, technical and functional innovations etc. to solve particular needs. The studio outcome focused on individual component drawings and production drawings with an in-depth understanding of material properties and manufacturing.