Nirjari Harshal Upadhyay


Sangam- an artist residency

‘Sangam’ means confluence of rivers ; the junction at which two rivers meet. The name is thus a metaphor for a place that encourages creation and collaboration.  The artist residency would act as an incubator for creative exchange amongst 12 artists. The residency would offer programs for painters, literary artists , photographers and performing artists such as singers , dancers and theatre artists.The residents would be able to experience each other’s creative processes and the freedom to play in this residency program. The place offers artists the vital opportunity of space and time to create. The emphasis of the residency is not just on the final product but a gently facilitated process of experimentation and collaboration. This exploration would be enhanced by providing resources that artists often lack: space, time and other artists with whom to work. The result would be a model of creative process and community building that envisions consequences for the participants beyond the sphere of art making. Informal showings of exhibitions and performances every few months would thus invite the public to experience the residents’ creative process, collaborations, and the development of their ideas. 

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design concept

approach view

Reception and entrance lobby

sectional perspective


view from the river

second floor common space

second floor practice space

exploded isonometric