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Tanya Mangwani


ECLECTIC, The Four Star Business Boutique Hotel

 Eclectism is a conceptual approach that doesn’t hold to a single paradigm, it draws styles and ideas from the existing. The RC Commerce College is located in the old city of Ahmedabad along Mirzapur road. It is 175-year-old building with Heritage importance. The city has evolved from Amdavad to Ahmedabad, but both hold their importance. The idea is to reflect the journey of architecture styles, from heritage to modern contemporary. Ahmedabad has been declared a Heritage city, hence it attracts the tourists to choose this hotel rather than another business hotel. Also there are small trades and business around which takes care of that as well. Therefore, I decided to create an amalgamation of both.

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LOFT, the case study

CFP building


site and explorations

adaptive reuse strategy



section and elevations

all day dining and reception

typology of rooms in hotel