Shreya Bhusnur


A Resilient Perspective to Surat

A development plan is a vast domain which incorporates a perspective and a vision towards the future image of a city in 10-25 years. It requires thorough study of the existing situation, issues and the previous solutions amended for the same. This project incorporated a detailed understanding of the concept, working and implementation strategies followed for making a development plan as a part of second semester’s course. Surat city was taken for the preparation of DP. Initial analysis included some brainstorming exercises by looking into development plans and road networks of other cities. Later Surat’s existing situation was studied from the data acquired from site visits and internet. Further exercises were catered in a group of 4, collaborating individual perspectives and solutions. Here, Surat’s proposed DP area was envisioned to be a people resilient city with 2036 as the horizon year and 1351 sq. km SUDA (Surat Urban Development Authority) area. The proposed road network, zoning was prepared in accordance with the identified issues like floods, degradation of eco-sensitive zones, high population influx, depletion of river, creeks and canals, water and air pollution and heavy dependency on private modes of transport. The main objective was to keep the built supply and infrastructure high. A detailed costing, phasing and studies related to implementation strategies were also done for the 2036 DP. 

Report Content

Building an Understanding to DP Mechanisms

Current Scenario in Surat

Vision and Some Future Prospects of Surat DP-2036

Proposed Road Network

Proposed Zoning

An Insight to Hazira's Eco-tourism Zone

Future Infrastructure Proposals and Costing

Phasing and Final DP Costing

Key Takeaways...