Varsha Vasuhe V


An approach towards a Resilient Surat

Trying to understand cities from a macro level, analyzing the overarching headers, and how the city as a system functions is an interesting yet challenging task. The studio methodology was devised in such a way that it allowed understanding various approaches and processes of making and executing masterplans from various Indian and International case examples as a prelude to making the Development Plan. Experiencing the city of Surat and analyzing the existing situation helped identify various urban processes that are detrimental to a city's growth. The exploratory approach led us to develop a DP with a clear narrative that attempts to assess the issues and address them. The best part of the process was learning how at a city level, resilience can be used as a strategy to derive planning interventions to regulate the industrial growth along the coast, diversify the economy, redevelop the deteriorating creeks and canals, promote inclusionary housing and preserve heritage.

Report Content

Transect Study

Vision and Approach

Identification of developable and non developable areas

Road netwrok

Land use Zoning

Development Plan 2036



Special Project - Hazira

Phasing and Implementation