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Pansare Archita Chetan Chaitali


Eco-Efficient city: Environment and Economy Synergy

Development Plan Studio,2020 The studio focused on a Macro project of developing a DP for Surat city and a few Micro level projects which were peripheral. These projects helped with alternate perspective about the studio exercises. The development plan Surat was a comprehensive learning exercise which allowed students to develop a holistic approach towards urban development. It comprised of studio learning and site visits to strengthen the primary and secondary data arrived to make analysis for various factor affecting cities. Further through an elaborate process of group and individual contribution the students were empowered in understanding the process to make a DP.

Report Content

Deciphering layers of Surat

Planning for Surat's future

Environment and Economy balance

Strategies for road network proposal

Use based- A response to existing morphology

Built Density based- A response to current growth trends

Proposed Development Plan 2036

Development Regulations- to facilitate growth

Integrating Blue and Green Network

Phasing & Costing- Key takeaways