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Akshay Rawlani


Implementing a Compact Development plan through TOD.

Surat, located in Gujarat state in North West of India, is one of the fastest-growing cities in the world, experiencing rapid industrialization and migration. The study over the past years has co-created through an intensive interaction with different stakeholders using a three-step process to Understand, Identify and Implement solutions through the development plan. This output from the collaborative work aims to give the city a set of options to improve the growth, livability and economic potential of the city. These solutions are the result of discussion and feedback from many people associated with living working in, administering and governing the city

Report Content

Road network analysis for Indore City.

Development Plan interpretation- Manchester UK.

Surat city existing situation analysis.

Detailed Transit Study.

Major transit routes in Surat

Proposed Development Plan

Urban Visualization

Proposed Mixed use zone in Transit routes.

Station area Plans.

Infrastructure Proposal.