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Dharmavarapu Aparna Sai


Readdressing Industrial Economy and Livability In Surat

The objective of the development plan studio was to open up planning to students beyond the conventional way. Throughout the course of the studio, we have analysed areas as small as 1sq.km precincts as well as an entire city . Apart from the preparation of the DP, studio also included analytical studies on DPs of other cities around the globe. The main focus of this studio was towards preparing a development plan of Surat through more innovative and functional ways. As the portfolio progresses, it will be clear as radical ideas such development of the industrial economy of Surat became a part of the DP proposal. The preparation of the DP was spread over three iterations and through numerous site visits, data collection and input lectures from faculties.  

Report Content

Existing situation analysis

Initial Concepts - Influence Of Industries On The City

Boundary Delineation

Road Network Proposals

Road Network Proposals

Zoning Proposals

Zoning Proposals

Special Strategies

Infrastructure Proposals

Costing & Phasing