Divya Arvind


Redefining Diamond City

 This publication is a  collection of work done during the second semester of “The Development Plan Studio”. The main part of the studio focused on developing a comprehensive development plan for the city of Surat, located in Gujarat. The development plan of Surat is developed in a group of 4 with special projects developed at an individual scale. While developing a development plan for Surat, various methods of urban planning were explored and were allowed to use unconventional methods of planning. To begin with a comprehensive study of Surat were conducted in a group of 16 to study the current scenario of Surat. A detailed study was conducted to study various elements and layers of Surat city. Furthermore, based on the understanding of the city, in a group of 4 a detailed development plan was developed based on a common vision.   This publication will showcase the development plan created for the city of Surat along with other individual exercise worked upon in the studio. It will showcase the various layers of Surat and bring out inferences based on-site study and data analysis. 

Report Content

Understanding DP of Belfast

Proposals at Precinct Level


Environmental Consideration

Surat's Potential

Resilient Surat 2036

Resilient Surat 2036


Diversifying Economy with Hazira

Heritage & Conservation