Arjun Gowda K N


Resilient Surat

This portfolio is a compilation of the work done as part of the Development Plan Studio (Spring semester 2020). It consists of precinct-level planning for 1, comparative study of the development plan of an International city, road network analysis of a national city, and formulating a development Plan for Surat. The primary objective of the DP studio was to develop core competencies necessary to formulate a development plan. The semester was divided into four iterations, each lasting four weeks and focuses on analyses existing situations, conceptual proposals, zoning, and preparing a detailed development plan with cost estimates. The portfolio begins with the initial exercises which introduced the idea of formulating a plan through precinct planning proposals, then the road network analysis of a national city, and the reviews of the development plan of an international city. This is followed by an analysis of the existing situation of Surat, and our DP proposals for 2036. The last part concludes the studio exercises with the key learnings and reflections on the pedagogy.  Surat is one of ten cities in the Asian Cities Climate Change Resilience Network (ACCCRN) and also the first Indian city to become flood resilient. We intended to incorporate this resilience in terms of economy, infrastructure, environment, and health with people as our main focus.  

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Detailed Analysis


Objective & Projections

Road Network Proposals

Development Plan 2036

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