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Pavithra Nelson


Surat:The Rising Industrial City; A Sustainable approach

Surat is a vibrant city, Which has an Industrial driven economy. The Aim of Development plan 2041 is to make a "Sustainable- Industrial orientated city",  by maximizing potential uses with minimal invasive approach. For this an intensive research on existing situation and  case-studies  were taken-up. The project contains key proposals related to  zoning, transportation, infrastructure, environment, heritage, economic development etc. along with broad cost estimates and revenue generation. 3D visualizations for urban form resulting from regulations at city, area, and/or street levels; implementation phasing through TP Schemes, monitoring & evaluation Framework were also taken-up in the development plan.

Report Content


Case Study : Road Network & Dublin Development Plan

Case Study : Dublin Development Plan

City study : Surat

Existing Situation Analysis

Proposed Road Network

Proposed Broad Land-use Zoning

Proposed Land-use Zoning

Development Control Regulation

Special Projects