Arjun Batra


Architect's Residence and Studio - Leh

The Design, based in the region of Leh, focusses on creating spaces that are able to tackle its extreme climate with minimal use of energy. Acting as a residence as well as a studio space, the design adopted the principle of stacking and staggering as the primary concept providing both privacy and efficient heat gain at the same time. It further utilizes the concept of earth berming, going 2.7m underground as well as having a covered north wall. Buffer zones of sunspaces and greenhouses on the remaining three sides further help to maximize the heat gain during the day.

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Report Content

House Analysis and Material Study

Local Case Study: Teri Retreat Centre, Teri Gram, Gurgaon, India

International Case Study: Bayalpata Hospital, Achham, Nepal

Site Study and Form Development

Basement and Ground Floor Plan

First and Second Floor Plan

Section AA' and Section DD'

Section BB' and CC'

Detailed Wall Section and Relief Sectional Representation

Simulation Conducted Based on Daylighting, Glare and Energy Consumption