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Aryan Choudhury


Architect's Studio and Residence in Leh, India.

The project brief was to design a house for an architect and his family. Also the addition of studio and working space. The main idea of the design was to create two separate blocks of residence and the architect's studio. The idea of having a circular atrium space in between the two blocks that trap in the heat during the daytime keeps the spaces warmer and comfortable to use. The entire building orientation and fenestrations have been decided and designed according to the climatic conditions of Leh. 

Report Content

First exercise dealt with analyzing problems in response to climate of our previous design and proposing possible solutions.

Local Case Study- (Sangath, Ahmedabad)

International Case Study- (New Pam Centre, Malaysia)

Climatic Study of Leh, Himachal Pradesh

Initial design sketches and concepts

Floor Plans, Roof Plan, Structural Plan and Concept

Section AA' and BB'

Section CC' and South Elevation

Detailed Wall Section

Building Simulation