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Mistry Shiv


Canopy - An Architect's Residence and Studio

Canopy is an architect's residence and studio, in the outskirts of Jodhpur. The project is spatially planned in two building blocks, each with a catenary vault canopy that covers it. Multiple climatic strategies like subterranean building, stack vent effect, courtyard as a cool air pocket, and use of canopies is done as a response to the climatic study of the site done during the visit. The climatic strategies were understood in practices as well through local and international case studies.

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Report Content

Residence Case Study to sensitize ourselves with the thought process using a climatic narrative.

Local Case Study to understand climatic strategies in practice.

International Case study to learn from other climates and approach towards tackling climate as a design factor.

Site Study, climatic analysis and vernacular studies during the visit.

Form Exploration and Design Development as the approach towards designing with climatic strategies as the back bone of the thought process.

Design Development and Climatic Simulation, refining the design according to the climate and understanding it's climatic performance.

Final design plans, to show layout, site context and spatial planning.

Final Design Section, with Physics Building Diagram, showing the climatic strategies incorporated in the building.

Wall Section, showing structural and material details.