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Bhoomi Lakhataria


The Courtyard House - Architect's Residence and Studio

The Courtyard house by the seaside is an integration of an architect’s residence and studio in Mangalore, Karnataka which intends to respond to the major climatic concerns identified on-site which are ‘extreme humidity’, ‘harsh sun’ and ‘excessive rainfall’. The design tries to integrate the site, local vernacular practices and functional requirements and responds to the climatic issues with simple passive strategies like wind-catching form, deeper shading devices, courtyards and use of single loaded corridors for maximum ventilation. The building is divided into 2 parts depending upon their daytime and nighttime usage.

Report Content

House Retrofit I

House Retrofit II

Local case study- Prathama Blood Center, Ahmedabad

Climatic data of Mangalore

Design Brief

Ground Floor Plan

Sections through residence

Sections through studio

Detailed wall section through residence

Rendered views