Shah Aditi Dinesh


Through the Jharokha

The barren land of Jodhpur allows a project which is half submerged into earth contrasting with a hint of connection to the sky through open courtyards. The courtyards play around at different ground levels, helping with differentiating spaces. The Architect workspace sinks in the earth with a beautiful terrace garden which can be accessible through the Homestay. Meandering courtyards and circulation passages define the spaces. Jodhpur doesn't feel  barren anymore with the green gardens here and clear window to sky which is portrayed through this project.

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Report Content

Case study- Local and International

Site analysis

Basement plan at LVL -0.5m

Ground floor plan at LVL 1.2m

First floor plan at LVL 4.5m

Section BB'

Section AA'

Section CC'

Brick cavity wall detail and working model

Green roof detail and Wall section analysis