Rutvi Jigneshbhai Raychura


VISHRANTI - The Journey Through Curve

The architect's residence responds to the major climatic concerns identified on-site which are ‘extreme humidity’, ‘Heavy rainfall’, and ‘harsh sun’ of higher altitudes. To respond to these issues simple passive strategies like wind-catching form and deeper shading devices have been used. The semi-circular form here functions as a wind-catching form. Staggering of mass is done around this semi-circular plinth and is placed in a way that none of them falls under the wind shadow of the other. the semi-circular plinth is covered with a pergola acting as a buffer zone to the building mass. Further emphasis was on the sloping roof which is designed to maximize shading of the thermal mass and to catch the wind. The idea of having a datum and staggering surfaces against it creating an interplay of spaces was chosen as the tectonic expression, which is worked out while organizing spaces around the semi-circular form. All spaces are consciously opened up towards the sea to maximize views and ventilation. 

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