Avneet Kaur Waraich


Khuli Zameen | A Space to Breathe

Bombay Hotel, near Pirana landfill, is home to a predominantly Muslim community of migrants who have come from various states and towns looking for work and security. Their migrant status has made them a people who have been left behind and forgotten, denied their basic amenities. Despite their difficult situation, Bombay Hotel is a joyous place, full of character, laughter, and celebration. It is a tight-knit community with a rich cultural fabric and a unique way of life. The project aims at identifying and analyzing the underutilized open space and designing a central gesture that consolidates their identity as a community and recognizes them as one people.  

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Report Content

Pirana Landfill and Bombay Hotel

First Impression of Site

Vision and Strategies

Site Analysis | Hydrology and Vegetation

Community Study | Festivals Cycle

Survey Synthesis | Conceptualization

Design Proposal | Masterplan Layout

Detailed Plan | Zenana Bagh

Detailed Plan | Kabristaan

Design Proposal | Seasonality