Tanuj Gupta


QUDRAT - Garden of Empowerment

Nehrunagar is pre-dominantly a Muslim community residing near the Sarkhej Roza in Ahmedabad. An amalgamation of different income groups. Nehrunagar is a beaming pot of art and culture. The women of this community practice sewing, handicraft-making and, are involved in several other small scale traditional activities. The community is grappled with numerous problems owing to the dense fabric of the area. The space between two homes determine the income group of the community. The different user groups perceive, interpret, use and associate the same community spaces in different ways, thus, demanding a more inclusive space. Establishing a functional and comfortable area, the project takes precedence over arranging functions within their existing spaces. The project “QUDRAT” aims to create a symbiotic space for a fragile community by reviving the social cultural activities and empowering the women, children and senior citizens of the community. Thus, the project aims to bind the community and it’s user within ‘The Garden of Empowerment’.

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