Lavanya K


Traversing The Gap

The project can be described as an open space connecting the Sabarmati river and the village of koteshwar which evokes the past associated with the river and the land. Koteshwar is a small village, part of the Sabarmati Bank, of immense cultural significance and which serves as a community space for religious, cultural, and social activities seemingly a respite for many. To revoke the past associations of the people of the village, the population which faded over time due to urbanization, with the river, is one of the primary objectives. From respect for these memories of the past, the program for the space is derived. It additionally envisions growing more than one pocket/area that replicates the essence of the recollections which motivates the villagers to connect, experience, and evoke a sense of belonging to the place. This is to be the catalyst that permits the re-connection of all the diverse communities and also the neighborhoods that had been there in the past.

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Village and the site

Reading the diverse aspects of the site

Stakeholder identification

The program I Vision and Strategies

Carving the spaces | Master plan

Circulation and edges within the site

Part plans | Temple complex

Part plans | Temple plaza _Ghat space

Visualizing Temple complex

Visualizing the Ghats