Faculty: Vicky Achnani | Priyanka Thakur

TA: Devarsh Patel

Design and Detailing_ Resilient Architectural Assemblies

Material practice was central to the studio unit, seeking a novel set of architectural assemblies and innovative structural systems governed by material distribution and force articulation, ultimately leading to vivid architectural spaces and response to resilient architecture. The gist of this studio was to develop an ability to visualize and articulate forms in a chosen material through a set of joineries and process of making; further clarifying sequence of construction. In the entire process, the evolved assemblies attempt to capture the spirit of tectonics, the meticulous meeting of two similar or non-similar materials leading towards a set of novel architectural compositions. Here form follows forces and the derived logic of putting the materials together to arrive at the material and structural system through the articulation of forces and details.

The unit intended to investigate the detailing of architectural assemblies using a linear form of materials like steel, timber and bamboo in response to the catastrophic events. The methodology of this studio lay between thinking models, conceptual diagrams and videos, intense design exercises, assaying case studies, input lectures, presentation and expert discussions to arrive at a resilient architectural assembly.