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Rutika Gandhi


A Book Studio in the context of a Banyan Tree

The idea of designing a book studio within the context of banyan tree was to take inspiration from site itself where one can read or associate in the nature and also being protected by it. Banyan tree’s resemblance can be clearly seen in the design, for example the trunk that is important part of the tree represents the central book storage which is also important part of the design. As the branches jut out of the trunk, various reading spaces branch out of the central core in different directions taking maximum advantage of the site and abundant natural surroundings.

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Report Content

Various space vocabulary models and plans aims to focus on space making depicting design principles.

The process of designing a book studio started off being inspired by the site itself, like the central core represents the trunk and branching out of spaces in various direction and so on.

Site plan and site section

Plan at -1.0m and +1.0m

Plan at +3.0 and Roof plan

Longitudinal section

Cross section

Section CC’

3D external and internal rendered views with exploded axonometric.

Final physical model views.