Shreeya Ajay Luharuka


A Pavilion near the Bandstand: Book Studio

The Bandstand situated in Kamati Baug, Vadodara, is a heritage pavilion in itself. It attracts crowds of all age groups and kinds. Inspired by this diversity, 'The Granth', is a book studio that caters to all kinds of people. Applying the principles of design, the studio follows linearity and a hierarchy of spaces. The design intends to make an introverted as well as an extroverted person feel comfortable. The studio gives a sense of privacy in public by providing personal reading spaces as well as open discussion spaces. The openness yet tranquility of the space is achieved by a sunken garden at the end. Every person entering the space, walks out with a unique kind of experience.

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Report Content

Analyzing the mass and void relationship of the iconic Gandhi Ashram by Charles Correa

Three-dimensional models showing the design fundamentals of space making.

Conceptualizing of a book studio near the Bandstand.

Site plan of Kamati Baug, Vadodara.

Plan at level -1.5M (bottom). Section AA’ (top).

Section BB’, Section CC’, Section DD’.

Section EE’, Section FF’.

Exploded view of the book studio (left). Aerial and eye level views of the interiors as well as exteriors (right).

Three dimensional model of the final design to understand the space better.